How To Promote The Unity Network Online Opportunity

How To Promote The Unity Network Online Opportunity


If your serious in earning income on the web, the easiest way is to join on Company like GDI

GDI stands for Global Domain International. If you register for membership with them, you will be given your free domain name,webspace,hosting and your own business. Services is great but the business opportunity that they offer is what people are after. For every person that click on your referral link, credit will be given to you and if that person refer someone you will still be given credit. You will be given credit up to 5 level.
For example you reffered 1 person and that person referred 2 then one of those referred say 20.. you get credit for all of those and you will be paid monthly. from your downline and theres no limit. Sky is the limit actually.
why dont you try to join and find out how it can earn you great income. Grab this opportunity now so that later on you wont be envious of your friends who made their life easier because they joined this company
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What I like most about this company is the additional feature Infinity Override.
Get paid on ALL levels, down to infinity, that's how!
Then you earn the "Infinity Override" bonus, you'll begin earning commissions on an infinite number of levels in your organization, not just the five levels that are directly below you.

There's also the Current Bonus Contests
You read that correctly! For every 5 paid affiliates you refer in a one week period, you'll earn a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit! Refer 25 new paid affiliates in one week and you'll earn $500!

Downline Move Feature
When you refer new affiliates to GDI, you'll find a feature that allows you to "move" them downline, on the "Downline" page of your member's area.

This changes their sponsor to another member in your organization. By using this feature, you can share some of the workload, and benefit, with members of your organization who are building their business.

Using the downline move function does not effect bonus calculations. You will still be labeled as the referrer and the people you refer to us will count towards our bonus contests no matter where you place them.

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Hayden Kho on Profiles

Yesterday I've watched PROFILES on abs-cbn channel. It was about Hayden Kho, and cheche lazaro was doing the interview. Dr. Hayden Kho described his life before he started using drugs and after he started using drugs. As a boy, he like to study and he doesn't play all too often. His father is a surgeon and his mom is engaged in business. His mom said that Hayden has always been open to her and that they were close, but contrary to what she said, Hayden quoted that they weren't indeed that close and he said that his mom doesn't know him that well. As a college student, he was always busy with studies and he was a responsible person. He would always go to school and from school he goes home. That was his routine, then he also worked as a model. The talent agent who discovered him swore that he was indeed a responsible and intelligent person. He met Vicki Bello who is a very well known doctor in Philippines and the owner of the successful Bello Group Company.He admired her for her intelligence and they became friends and later on they became couple. He admitted that Vicki is very generous in giving him expensive gifts such as cars and so on. He could not however matched those expensive gifts. So what happened is that he became the recipient of those expensive gifts. According to Hayden, things happen so fast he wasn't ready. Lots of doors opened to him like showbusiness and a position on Bello Clinics. He became popular and well known in too short a time. The fame and fortune blinded him and he changed a lot. He used drugs and made those video scandals with those different girls. He didn't mean to show those videos to the public but it was taken from him without his knowledge and it made its way to the internet. That was a big blow to him and those girls. It made a very big scandal and even at present it still is the topic on tv news and on news papers. Lots of lives were ruin by these and those who are involved felt shame and embarassment. Hayden now faces different charges filed by Katrina Halili. He was really full of guilt and shame and according to him he's been like this since december. He couldnt go out in public, wouldnt socialize with his friends and he just always keeps to himself. I think that was the price he has to pay.